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  1. Wink Gp2x

    who here has heard about it?

    I finally gone one today and im very happy with it

    if you dont know what it is, watch this:

    Short words:

    Game Boy advance on crack (with touch screen)
    Runs linux, so you can easily run emulators or open source games on it.
    Very popular in the emulation scene

  2. Default

    I think ive heard of this before, its called the PSP/DS rip off.

  3. Default

    ? it has nothing to do with the ds or psp. matter in fact, the gp32, early version, was out before either of those systems.

  4. Default

    Yea, I've seen it long ago, they couldnt get it out and advertised on large scale so it didnt fly to well. IMO its seems like a really handy system.

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