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Thread: help a noob out with the lag issue.

  1. Default help a noob out with the lag issue.

    i have a question about the lag issue. im a noob when it comes to things like this so please dont flame and dont read this if you are in a bad mood. i am not starting this thread for a flame war or arguments so please keep that out of here.

    ive read many comments that say that the lag is because of peoples connection/processor/video card/crappy laptop/etc. but i find that hard to believe when, if the server lags, just about everyone in the server says omg lag at the same time. i play on a laptop (not anything fancy, just a sony vaio) and since the first time ive played in ibis zm, i never had any problem with lag until very recently (when i say recently i mean starting about last september if i remember correctly.) on top of that, i am not the only one experiencing lag. like i said before, just about everyone in the server complains about the lag at the exact same time that it happens.

    i was just wondering how the cause of the lag could be peoples individual equipment when months ago i could play zm for hours with no lag at all but recently everyone lags at the exact same time. it seems that when i first started playing zm that my equipment and connection was just fine but now it is not able to handle zm lagging here and there.

    my opinion really does not mean anything on this matter because i really dont have an ounce of computer knowledge but i still feel i am making a valid statement when i say that i dont think the lag is coming from peoples equipment. everyone lags at the same time and long ago i was able to run zm (forgot to mention with a full server) without any lag at all so this all puzzles me. i dont think it is peoples equipment, but maybe something wrong with the server itself. if anyone has the time, please help a noob out with this issue because i dont see how the equipment explanation adds up.

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    there are server-side and client-side lag issues. whoever told you it is mainly client-side was obviously trolling. this game doesn't take a beast of a system to run on shitty settings.

    if the game ran fine before, test it on a different server.
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    This is definitely a server-side issue UTE.

    On the old host, which ran at 45 tick with 31 player slots, there was almost no lag whatsoever.

    I think that because of the increase in the tick rate (now at 66 tick), which uses MORE processor cycles and requires MORE bandwidth (to process incoming commands, check game rules, and update world objects, after which if any client needs a world update, take a snapshot and send it to the client), PLUS the added load of 12 slots, (43 total now), the server just cannot keep up with the demand.

    Thus, the processor and/or bandwidth bottlenecks, and all the clients connected to the server (most of which are running hardware that is perfectly suitable for this game) experience lag.

    Additional mods also require more processing cycles, and if some mods are programmed carelessly, this could cause a memory leak, where memory is allocated but the program is unable to release the memory (usually due to bad coding practices). This creates a black hole.

    Hope that helps.
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    basically what dude^ said.

    66tic is fucking terrible for a what?! 42-man server? no wonder. i thought the wcs and gg servers were bad, but wow. bump it up to 100tic or drop the amount of players. simple fix.

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    I would like to see us go back to the old tick-rate. Because then you can barricade on roy the ship again.

    But the down side is, the vehicles won't work properly anymore.

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    Who really cares about vehicles, dude?

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    basically what dude^ said.

    66tic is fucking terrible for a what?! 42-man server? no wonder. i thought the wcs and gg servers were bad, but wow. bump it up to 100tic or drop the amount of players. simple fix.
    ZERO said that Zombie Mod take a lot of processing power to run, and a lot of RAM. If you were to bump it up to 100 tick with 43 players, you would possibly overload the server. You need serious power for this, such as Intel Xeon processors.

    With all the revenue that ZERO makes, why doesn't he buy a rackmount cabinet, and several Xeon rackmounts, and a T4 carrier line ((DS4) (4032 Ch.) == 274.176 Mbit/s) and then we'd be in business.

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    Zero I need an approximate price so I can give you "cash yo" ( inthebutt) to make the server better and less laggy.

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    agreed ^
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    agreed ^
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