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Thread: App for membofoshrizzle

  1. Default App for membofoshrizzle

    Real Name:
    Theodore Kasinsky

    Birth Date

    In game Name:
    Dog Brother #1

    Weapons of Choice:
    Machine gun, PA PA PA PEW PE PEW PEW.

    for pub: cs_assault, cs_italy
    for gg: NO IDEA :O

    Reason for App:
    Seems like a good idea. Besides, I think you and I could get along. Besides, I want to convince some of you bishes to play L4D1 & 2 with me, to Advanced/Expert.


    I started my online gaming with Everquest, and I soon moved to FFXI Online, during that time, I also played Counter-Strike, Starcraft, Diablo I & II. I now play L4D1 & 2, World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike 1.6 & CS:S, Day of Defeat: Source, HL2 Deathmatch, TF2, and so on.

    Contact Info:
    steam name is deliriumsembrace. E-mail is [email protected]

    About me:
    I'm 21. I'm going to college for compupu programming. IIT yo. Not ITT.

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    weren't you banned for hacking or some sort?

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    I hope you're joking.

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    Play pub with us this weekend.

    Starcraft UMS for the win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post
    weren't you banned for hacking or some sort?
    Mic spamming.

    Good luck though. Keep active and follow the rules.

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    i will play starcraft if theres anyone playing

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    I'd have to look for the discs. I am certainly not gosu anymore.

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    I fucking love music
    Rip Paul Gray

    Server rules
    How to report admin abuse
    How to find hackers

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    -1 for obvious reasons.

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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