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Thread: Request unban; banned for no reason?

  1. Default Request unban; banned for no reason?

    Name in Game: Bob Ross
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:12152234
    Who banned you: [Ζήτα] Walter ibis.a
    When: Today, about 10 minutes ago
    Where: ZombieMOD+ server
    Why banned: That's what I want to know

    Other/Reason to unban: Having just started playing CS:S for the first time I years I joined and quickly favorited the server. I think I am a good player, I don't bash others or break rules. I was killed as a zombie and it was the last round so I was playing DS to pass the time until map change then I was banned. Obviously I am confused as to what I did wrong seeing as how I was completely dead as well as doing something else so I wasn't mic spamming or anything.

    edit: Edited to fit format laid forth in the sticky
    edit2: back in the server, apparently he did click me by accident

    sorry for wasting your time
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    more then likely the admin wasnt looking at who he was banning. But if you WERE dead then it was most likely a mistake and hopefully wasn't permanent and should be resolved.


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    Alas, another Canadian on the forums?

    And sorry about that ban. Wrong guy. I unbanned you immediately after.

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