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Thread: Forum Rules v1.2

  1. Exclamation Forum Rules v1.2

    Here are the rules for the forums, follow them and everyone will be happy. Disobey, and hope a nice Moderator is on duty that day.

    Underlined words, once clicked, bring you to Wikipedia to explain definitions.

    SPAMMING will not be tolerated, follow these guidelines and help keep the forum clean.

    Do not post off-topic, and don't post obviously stupid replies repeatedly. Also do not double post. There is an edit button. Use it.

    Use the search function first. Do not start a new thread regarding something that has already been made or answered.

    Use discretion with memes.. They can, and will be mistaken for spam more often than not.

    Refrain from rallying support for competing entities, and from advertising links that lead to malicious or rivaling websites. Your post or thread will be deleted otherwise.

    COMMON COURTESY is encouraged here, follow these rules and everyone will stay happy.

    If you have problems do not bring it to the general forums. In fact, keep it to private messages if it's possible. If a compromise cannot be reached, post in the appropriate forum regarding the issue. Use your common sense here people.

    Topics regarding racism, sexism, and religion belongs in the appropriate forum. Posting this anywhere else is grounds for punishment as deemed necessary by the Moderators or Administrators.

    Don't eat any apples while reading the rules. And remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

    Flaming and trolling. Just don't do it. You don't want to know why, just don't do it.

    HACKING AND EXPLOITATION OF GLITCHES purposefully will be dealt with an especially harsh punishment, if you know none of the other rules, commit these to heart:

    Under any circumstances, you are to alert an Administrator or Moderator to any exploit found in the forums.

    Hackers are to be reported immediately.

    Using a hack in any way is grounds for immediate banning. You will be allowed to appeal this ban one time, but the ultimate decision is up to the Moderators and Administrators, whining and poor grammar in this case will be especially detrimental to your interests.

    For in-game rules, please see the Server Rules, or type "rules" in-game.

    The following are part of the rules regarding moderation powers on the forums:

    Moderators are not allowed to use their power on any post or thread that has anything to do with them. Likewise involved parties are not allowed to moderate. Only moderators who have no stake or relation to the post or thread will be allowed to moderate it.

    Moderators must be respectful even when in the forums. Moderators are supposed to be examples for the rest of the community and therefore will be held to higher standards.

    Moderators who do not use their power appropriately will be punished in the following way: publicly warned, probation and finally removal of powers either for some sections or for the entire forums.

    Moderation is a privilege, if you do not wish to be held to its standards then you are free to request that your powers be removed.

    Use moderation in moderation!
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