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Thread: Scoring suggestion for ZM

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    If this has been suggested before I apologize. Just being semi new I haven't seen anything related to this.

    My suggestion is for humans to receive some points for just surviving the round. I'm not talking 11 like it is for a zombie kill but maybe 2-5ish.

    I propose this for several reasons, first isn't it the point of Zombie mod is to survive? Second is that there have been rounds were I spent 5mins in my cad alone and haven't seen a single zombie, or third I am in a cad with 4 other people and it always seems 1 person is getting the kills. Not to mention this might add some incentive to escape maps! Right now it's rare you get a kill in a escape map since you are running the whole time, now it could finally be worth it to run. And last is there have been several rounds were I know personally the zombies just give up, and I hear things like "don't give them kills" etc etc... with this is could add to make a little more effort on the zombie side to make sure no one lives.

    Now I know your in score game effects your rating score along with what weapons you use etc etc... I don't know enough about that to suggest how this change could if at all effects your rating score.

    Just think surviving and your ability to build should also reflect your skill and not just being able to whore out a vent.

    Now this might not even be possible at all, but I figure I would suggest and or start a discussion on it.
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    The score is arbitrary.

    There shouldn't be more emphasis on getting a high score than there is now.

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    I believe it is possible and that the owner of the server has talked about adding bonus points for surviving before.

    It would be up to him though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christmas View Post

    There shouldn't be more emphasis on getting a high score than there is now.
    there shouldn't be an emphasis on surviving in zombie mod?
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    Quote Originally Posted by IamHeavenxsent View Post
    there shouldn't be an emphasis on surviving in zombie mod?
    There SHOULD!

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    on one scrapyard map, i survived the entire round hiding in a pile of boxes.

    a few people yelled at me for not trying to kill any zombies but i was the last one left, and i couldn't have if i tried. i really don't care about my score though. i play for fun
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    You already do if you look at your bonus points. Currently if humans win and you are on ct you get 5pts and everyone on t will lose 5 and if the zombies win each player on t will get 6pts and the humans lose nothing.

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    Oh really? Is that reflected on the rating score? If so thats awesome and thats good enough for me. I just think you should be rewarded some how for being able to just survive. Thanks for the reply Zero.
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    Yea it has been that way for like a year or so...

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