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Thread: Autumn Admin Disrespect

  1. Default Autumn Admin Disrespect

    At the end of a round in GunGame, two players vote to knife. One is cornered behind a tree and a fence. I am busy doing something, and then Autumn starts cussing and swearing at me to do my "fucking job as an admin" and slap one of them out. She starts mouthing off like a disrespectful child that I don't deserve admin and whatnot and that I should give her the $11 instead.

    I told her to be patient and stop disrespecting me. She continues mouthing off and cussing, so I mute her to calm the situation down and tell her to relax. This is the log that took place right after her tantrum into the microphone.

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    Friday, January 15, 2010
    7:44 PM - [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: Unfucking mute me.
    7:44 PM - [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: Now.
    7:45 PM - [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: Fucking asshole.
    7:45 PM - [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: Get a fucking grip.
    7:45 PM - walterbrunswick: Stfu.
    7:46 PM - walterbrunswick: You're the one who is flipping out.
    7:46 PM - walterbrunswick: Asshole.
    7:46 PM - [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: get off your rag moron
    7:46 PM - walterbrunswick: Wow.
    7:46 PM - walterbrunswick: Are you PMSing or are you asking to be banned?
    7:46 PM - [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: You an't ban me for being disrespectfulhere
    7:46 PM - [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: besides.
    7:46 PM - walterbrunswick: Don't be impatient with me.
    7:46 PM - [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: I've already paid for admin.
    7:47 PM - [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: So you cant ban me
    7:47 PM - walterbrunswick: I'll make a thread about this bullshit if you continue.
    7:47 PM - [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: Fucking try.
    7:47 PM - [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: This is through steam friends.
    7:47 PM - [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: You can't make a thread on me.
    7:48 PM - walterbrunswick: Do not be a bitch towards me because I was delayed a few seconds.
    7:48 PM - walterbrunswick: Do you understand?
    7:48 PM - walterbrunswick: I know a lot of members who would like you gone.
    7:48 PM - [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: Walter.
    7:48 PM - walterbrunswick: If you're going to act like a dipshit I'll make my case.
    7:48 PM - [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: You're a 2-faced mother fucker.
    7:49 PM - [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: You cant do shit.

    This is her being a complete bitch, telling me how to do my job as an admin, and having no self-control or patience. I thought she matured since, but apparently deep inside she hasn't changed much.

    As an admin, I don't want to have to deal with another admin who shows complete disrespect and total lack of patience.

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    Wow she's gone and pissed off one of the few friends she has left in the community... smooth.
    Quote Originally Posted by uuntiltheendd View Post
    i never thought you would put walter under the category of "male."

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    1. Walter, if you muted her in-game that isn't allowed because she has admin status

    2. Autumn has been more abrasive lately and if it is affecting her conduct on the servers she needs to cool off on another server or off the game altogether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christmas View Post
    1. Walter, if you muted her in-game that isn't allowed because she has admin status

    2. Autumn has been more abrasive lately and if it is affecting her conduct on the servers she needs to cool off on another server or off the game altogether.
    She didn't as of when I muted her.

    I muted her for 5 seconds so I could hear myself think amidst her insulting language and screaming.

    And she's a fucking psychotic bitch. If she HADN'T bought admin again I would have walked right back in there and banned "it" for a week.

    EDIT: Since she wasn't wearing her TAG, and was not on the ADMIN LIST, I got permission to ban her!!! Oh man so much anger left my system... my blood was boiling.
    Last edited by walterbrunswick; 01-15-2010 at 08:24 PM.

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    It's sociopath fool! But walter you seem surprised?

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    That was in steam friends, you moron.

    You can't use that against me.

    As for in game, you weren't paying attention as two people were about to get slayed because you lack quick reflexes as an admin.

    That's not my issue.

    I was calmly, at first, repeating your name to slap one guy from out behind the tree and when you didnt respond, I got angry.

    I'm on my period, so yeah, I got a little more pissed than I should've, but you, Walter, overreacted as well.

    Have fun getting your ban powers removed, seeing as you banned an admin.

    ZERO didn't have time to reactivate it this afternoon, but he was going to have it reactivated tonight.

    So he knows I've already paid.

    walterbrunswick: (:
    walterbrunswick: Enjoy your evening.
    [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: You just banned an admin.
    walterbrunswick: OMG DID I!?!?!?
    walterbrunswick: Oh my god.....
    walterbrunswick: I'm so sorry!
    [Ζήτα] Autumn | ibis.a: No.Dick face/
    walterbrunswick: PLEASE FORGIVE ME!?!?!?
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    (delete and be banned)

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    You're not an admin yet so STFU.

    Go QQ

    Edit: If I see any more of your groupies disrespecting him then they are banned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loka View Post
    It's sociopath fool! But walter you seem surprised?
    Not surprised, ecstatic. Punching the devil in the face is a good feeling.

    @Bumpkin Is your sarcasm meter broken?

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    Autumn if you aren't admin then you aren't admin.

    We've been over this. You are only an admin if you have the admin powers.

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    a thread for a non-permenant ban?
    Quote Originally Posted by OMGBEARS
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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