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Thread: GG Server Lagging/Locking out

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    Default GG Server Lagging/Locking out

    I've restarted the GG server twice now and it's not fixing anything. There are times it freezes everyone for 5-15 seconds and then BAM half of the people are dead from other team or TKing. Definitely unplayable at this time.

    ZOMBIE [ibis.a]

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    Ok as you all know I am already trying to get the other servers off eventscripts but here is the deal with gg.

    The only solution may be to move it to sm if that is the case I am not sure of your ingame wins will transfer also I am not sure if I can have your level show as kills. I will investigate what options are available for a move to sm for gg as well.

    In the mean time I will try removing es tools and installing my bullet tracer script later this weekend. While you will not be able to turn tracers off I believe that removing es_tools should massively reduce lag.

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