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Thread: GunGame Massive Lag.

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    Default GunGame Massive Lag.

    It's still there, I restarted the server and it's slowed down, but it's persistent.

    This is ridiculous.
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    I'm sure Zero is working on something regarding the lag for GG (hopefully). But yeah, like she's literally unplayable.
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    after autumn restarted it, it was alright for like, 2 maps. we cleared default (aim_ag_texture_jungle) alright, which was my first gg win btw. and then dirt arena after that (didn't win :C unfortunately). once dirt arena was done, however, the next map lagged horribly, and it wasn't any of the "high lag maps" either. it was something like xbox (don't recall exact map). i just left because autumn had left to post this topic and didn't come back and i didn't feel like asking her to restart again.
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    11:45AM EST + -

    Running fine now
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    I will be updating the server soon with an attempted fix. Think I found the problem and it is probably exploiting will be adding some more security.

  6. Default not being a dick up any maps

    trying not to be lame but umm yeah restarting the server dident slear up ny

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