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Thread: Best Fails of 2009

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    Default Best Fails of 2009

    There are some pretty good ones in here.

    Edit: I found it on youtube

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    LMAO lot of those are just painful

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    James! You should do a fails of 2010 in ZM mod!

    I bet there are tons that awaits us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLittlestHobo View Post
    James! You should do a fails of 2010 in ZM mod!

    I bet there are tons that awaits us.
    You have no idea.. But yeah, I was thinking the same thing. XD

    +1 to that video though. The guy that just ran in front of the accident and got missed completely was my favorite part I think. He was the only one that didn't fail. <.< Song wasn't bad either.

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    my fav was the breakdancer and the dog. that puppy flew!
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    Fav was the 4 person race. Hilarious..LOL

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    the spinning hook kick to the shoplifters face was awesome. nice vid

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    within the ruins remins me of a somewhat harder bullet for my valentine

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    I knew about that Bugatti going into the lake when it happened, still saddens me.
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    the best one was those two army dudes crossing the street and eating concrete with there faces
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