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Thread: MSQL in danger

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    I have just found out that there is a possibility of mysql being made closed source. Mysql is the major database used by many small companies and game servers. It does everything from run the forums to record simple stats. Mysql is used my many plugins like in wcs to record what race you select and even in future zm versions for what zombie you select.

    If mysql becomes closed source it will not only cause it to cost a lot of money, putting servers, companies and even private users out of business it will also kill the local database for game server side utilization. This means that mods like wcs, zombie mod and others that require large databases will either not exist or will create massive lag like the current zombie server does over time.

    To help save mysql and keep it OPEN SOURCE please visit

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    Signed the petition.
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    How to find hackers

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    I'll sign the petition, but all things point to this is slightly inaccurate. The hype blew it all out of proportion. They're keeping portions of it for their paying corporate customers, such as online backup, etc. But MySQL will continue to exist as an opensource project. People are just angry they don't get the new shiny tools to play with at this point.

    They are in effect, breaking the traditional open source model, by offering a set of features on a paid product that don't exist on a non-free product, but MySQL will live on under the bizarre hybrid model.

    It's either that or I'll have to switch all my designs to PostgreSQL. That would suck. A lot.

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    In other words they are violating the open source license.

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    Yep. The idea of the opensource license is it ensures new features/functionality are kept stable by the community. TBH the only ones losing out are the paying customers, because they're getting the stable opensource portion with the 'new features' which haven't been beat on by the whole world.

    Sun needs to re-think this. It's a terrible idea.

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    Signed the petition. If they refuse, I will gather my armies of the undead and storm this.. Oracle.

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    but james, she's very old. she's been with us since the beginning
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    One cannot improve if they cannot see their mistakes!

    If you can't do it right, Don't bother!

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    Signed with all checked options..

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    I doubt the fears explained on that site will happen.

    Sun bought MySQL so they could have a decent database under their wing and for the support contracts that I've been told is easy money. Oracle wants to buy Sun to take Java under it's wing. Since Oracle made itself off it's own database system, I doubt they'll take MySQL private even if they could. If it did happen, most of the source code for it is all over the Internet and since it's GPL Oracle could do nothing to stop public forks. Oracle could stop other companies from making support contracts for MySQL, though, using trademark suits, which might be the motivations behind the people who built that site.

    Namely the original owner of MySQL who made millions on support contracts and selling the rights to support contracts. Perhaps he feels left out of the mult-ibillion dollar deal Oracle made for Sun?

    So, I think it's just worrywarts. There's no way you can take an open-sourced product private. We learned this with Red Hat and Centos.

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