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Thread: Zombie Maps

  1. Post Zombie Maps

    I play on the zombie server everyday and most of the day were playing very few of the maps over and over i would just like to suggest some new maps that i used to play on that were tons of fun. I also noticed some of the maps we play are very human sided so I looked for maps that were very even. I hope to see some of them on the server sometime getting bored of the same old maps


  2. Default Not a bad idea

    I'd have to agree with him. I love playing on this server. But,to be honest the map selection has gotten quite stale. Not to mention almost all the maps played are heavily human sided ::cough cough lila_panic_v2 cough cough::

    It'd be interesting to broaden the server map selection and weed out the ones that are particularly useless given the fact that this server uses classes with variable speeds and jump capabilities. Many of the maps on this server were based more for use with classic zombies only.

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    You guys can also tell me what one are too unbalanced and I can fix it.

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    I was checking maps out at FPSBANANA yesterday. Theres some pretty good one that would be fun. Little City looked pretty fun.

    zm_little_city_v7_roy -
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    hey, thanks potato, I will add thoes before ZERO and I leave for the DR.

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    No problem jigsaw i hope everyone likes the maps theres 1 or 2 i dont know how good they will be because of i played them in non class zombie servers but most or all should be fine.

    And incase you have not played zm_little_city_v7_roy its a really big map meant for like 40-50 players and very human sided i would not suggest it

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    Ahhh, ok, Just looked pretty fun from the screens.

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    Just curious any idea when we will be able to play the maps on the server?

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    Yea.... It get kinda boring when the same maps are played over and over and over.

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    I need the login info for the fast download URL and ZERO is out of town, so just sit tight ^^

    Live or die, make your choice.

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