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    So someone reported that this guy was using wall hacks, and I only made it in time to get two or three rounds of him.

    I went with 50/50, he wasn't using it and then it looked like he was with some of his actions.

    Just use mat_wireframe 1 and check.

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    Thanks again for going in. I would have, but I was in the middle of downloading and uploading things. I'm not entirely great with wall-hackers, so I'll leave this one up to Zero.

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    i didn't see anything that looked overtly wrong.

    what parts make you think he's walling?
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    it was suspicious, especially when he pulled his knife out and was avoiding him around the box while basically staring at him.. that nade after the round was what really got me though.. what are the odds of you throwing a nade right there..

    now that i think about it the second round with the flashbang at the right time.. i wouldnt of thought anything if he didnt delay it..

    I'm have to say its not enough for a ban though...
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    Tough one. The flash thing is what got me the most. The nade thing could've easily been a coincidence and the fact that he commented on it makes me think it was. The dancing around the box.. meh.. and the bomb sequence I saw the guy before he even aimed at him so.. pretty inconclusive. Keep an eye out, I guess.

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