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Thread: ZM server check list

  1. Arrow ZM server check list

    This is the check list for the sm version of ZM.
    Green = Done
    Yellow = Done Part
    Orange = started programing
    Red = started planning/requests
    Purple = Untested but available
    Normal = not done

    Get SM version of ZM
    Make base settings the same
    Convert dynamic map setting over
    No block

    Nade Trail (cancled)
    Zombie classes for escape maps
    test zm escape map classes
    Get classes to store on remote database
    convert dynamic music into sm
    set triggers to the same words
    update to sm 1.3
    add map to map config support

    add noblock for select escape maps
    final test with full mods

    Shut down main zm server

    copy admins
    copy bans
    copy logs
    change display name
    swap server addresses
    Server LIVE
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    I hope to still go live in the next 2 weeks.

    Put in request to hire a developer to convert the dynamic music to speed up development.

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    by the way the ping limiter needs to be set to 165, it seems like anyone over that starts lagging the server.

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    Today I began negations with a programmer interested in coding the music mod over to sm. This is the last plugin that must be coded over before the server is completed from a software side. Hopefully we will be able to agree on pricing, features and a time table. I will post another update when I know more.

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    Got a reply and the coder has agreed to my terms. He has not given an eta but said that he is about 25% complete. I would hope that it will be ready within the next week. Therefore the zm server should be on time for an early Feb release!

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    Great news we will be having the ability to turn the dynamic music on and off on a client by client basis! To thank me you should order admin to help pay the programmer rofl

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    How do we turn the music off then?

    Are you planning on adding another !votemute plug in to the server?

    Lowering the ammount of people who can play on zmod to 26 and then add another sister server with a 26 person capacity so theres enough spots for everyone on cading maps?

    Resticting grenades to half the people on the server so only the people who know there keybinds well can get grenade and not the noobs?

    and Zero will the rejoin once your dead !zmenu/respawn trick work after the refits done?

    I'm asking because with that trick no one can hide on any of the maps anymore, since everyone uses it to spec someone hiding and quickly kill them after they respawn.
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    Updated zm test server with new sm version and map config plugin also beta escape class properties are now in effect. The zombies are the same as in normal zm but will have lower health and speed along with increased knock back on escape maps.

    Please test on escape maps to confirm that the changes are taking place and that it is not unbalanced for zombies.

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    I'll go in there later tonight with a few friends.

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    yeah, if i can get on it i'll be there too
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