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Thread: Do not ban STEAM_0:0:5127177

  1. Default Do not ban STEAM_0:0:5127177

    That is my cousin hitman I will talk to you latter about your perma ban on him. But yea if you guys have problems let me know. You apparently banned him a few months ago and he was over at my house and was like dude you know they never unbanned me.

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    i just look on the pub stats I Did not see that steam id under the name any of the hitman, which server did he get banned from.

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    I think he was stating that towards me?

    I think it was me who banned him from pub a while back.....

    Here comes the screaming and agony. But why did I ban him? I believe it should say on my admin log

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    I just got banned from uncle june on office. No warning or anything. thx zero for unbanning me.
    nvm its only 120 min.

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    lol zero has a troublemaking cousin :P

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    no i just get randomly banned. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by BL@ZED View Post
    no i just get randomly banned. lol
    Haha! GG

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