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Thread: Hitmans Unexplained Absence

  1. Default Hitmans Unexplained Absence

    I am here to explain why I have not been on CS or active in the forums. On December 26th my sister passed away due to lymphoma. Due to that fact I was down on everything in life and was confused with hatred and emotion. Over the course of the next week friends (AND NYS C.O.) have helped me with the passing of my sister.

    I was actually forced to go to the Poconos with my friends for New Years which was a weekend getaway. At that point all I wanted to do was drink and forget but it was only a temporary solution to a problem that could plague me in the long run. On that trip, my friends talked with me and we had so much fun, I knew my sister actually wanted me to go and enjoy life. I figured that I was honoring her. Granted it may seem a little too soon for people but I actually realized that life is not fair and that we should enjoy the little things in life no matter how hard the times might be. Ever since that party my life has been going great, every day I am out with friends celebrating, the workplace is more fun, my life has completely changed into something much better and happy.

    Now I write to explain why I have disappeared for a month. Granted I was pissed when I got denied membership into IBIS but who wouldn't be. It was just a small stepping stone into figuring out what I did wrong and fixing it.

    I am back IBIS!!

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    Welcome back!
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    I feel you Hitman and condolences to you and your family. One of my cousins killed himself almost 2 weeks ago, and it made me realize life is what you make it... and to make it through no matter how difficult it is. Although there is underlying tones to my cousins suicide, I'm making it my mission to never back down on what I want in my life. Welcome back Hitman :]

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    And my condolences to you and your family. It always helps to honor him with the way he lived and not the way he passed. Let him Rest in Peace.

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    Glad 2 hear you were able 2 cope with it and get the support you needed. welcome back man!!!!

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    Welcome back Bro ! It was good hearing from you earlier ! Too bad I was at Greenpoint with the gf and her moms. We definitely would have drank a few beers.
    That Fresh Meat Place is off the hook !! I just ate some cold cuts from there with some fresh rye bread. You can't compete with the freshness !

    As for Loka..Sorry to hear about your cousin. I hope his name will not go in vain and him to be remembered for the good things in his life.

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    welcome back hitman, sorry about your sister.
    -The enemy of my enemy is my friend-

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    I'm sorry to hear that hitman! If there is anything I can do to help with the situation let me know aight???
    Go find a white crayon, color a zebra, and stay out of my house NOOBS!

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    Welcome back.

    Oddly enough, I thought about you today.

    I'm sorry to hear what happened and I'm glad you're making it through okay.

    Keep your chin up.
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    Thanks NYS and Cloud. It's been harder on my mom and aunts/uncles. My intentions are definitely to remember and celebrate the person he was before things went out of hand.

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