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Thread: New Admin Question

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    Hey everyone. I just bought admin a few days ago. i was wondering when it gets turned on and how i tell that it is turned on.


    NOTE: so i totally put this in the wrong thread. someone move it for meh please? <3
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    Zero has to enable your admin powers, and relies solely on how busy he is. Sometimes it can be up in a day, other times it takes a week. All I can tell you is that it'll be enabled!

    Type "admin" into console or use "ma_admins" and if you get something back that says you don't have the permissions to use that command, then you don't have admin enabled. If it pops up with the admin menu (via "admin) or with a list of admins who are on at that time (via "ma_admins") then your admin has been enabled.
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    bind / admin

    if it says not authorized, you dont have it yet, if a menu comes up, put on the ibis.a tag

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    Step 1: Get Admin
    Step 2:
    Step 3: Get Perma Banned
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    ... IBIS in the name right? ibis.a means admin while IBIS means Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.
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    bind / admin
    if a menu comes up, put on the ibis.a tag
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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    Havent been a pain for 2 years now. so i think im grood
    There is no greater sorrow than to recall in misery, the times when we were happy

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    3 things though, I'm not saying your going to do this but walter has done this and its fucking annoying

    Don't bable boring dumbass things in admin chat
    like what do you think of such and so, what do you prefer to do bla bla

    Don't slap yourself up to high spots to save time while everyone else got up there the hard way

    and don't switch us over to shitty maps out of nowhere, disapear and leave us on it for 20 minutes when more than half the team has typed rtv in the first 30 seconds

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    @ Kavinsky, no need to worry. I'm just mildly retarded, not completely ^_^
    There is no greater sorrow than to recall in misery, the times when we were happy

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    and wear it proudly. don't be a pain
    Unless you're going incognito for other reasons...
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    I ask people what maps they want to play, and I put up effective votes.

    You need to take the stick out of your ass and stop continuously berating me, you fat tub of lard!

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    Just sayin' I'm thinking about making that a standard greeting for new admins who say hi in the forums.

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