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Thread: Steam_0:1:7055074 a crunk bird!

  1. Default Steam_0:1:7055074 a crunk bird!

    Looked to be walling in the pub server (is on right now).

    I demoed him and he looks to be concentrating only on where players are going to be (no sounds or movement to indicate to him that they are there).

    Check it out and see if my analysis is correct.

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    I watched him for awhile (in-game), and on the next map he completely passed up someone who was hidden behind a box. If he is walling, he's doing a very good job at not giving it away.

    I don't think he is though, but I'll let everyone else decide.

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    it looked very suspicious to me.. he constantly looked at people i could barely even see with mat_wireframe 1 or whatever the command is, yet he picked them out as if they were sitting in an open field. I don't know if its enough for a banhammer though. Might have to watch him a bit closer from now on..

    P.S. My favourite part of the demo is me blowing that guys face off and then talking about eating weed
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