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Thread: yay taxes!

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    So I'm getting over 2 grand in taxes. What should I do? Spend it? Save it? I've been wanting to get a LCD TV and rebuy an xbox, but then I'm thinking of saving the money and wait until after training when I get stationed somewhere and buy at on base. So spend or save?

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    Save it! For the love of god, wait till your next base!

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    Save it, obviously.

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    Spend it.

    The more money going into the economy the better.

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    save it then buy the tv and xbox (with halo 3 of course) on base.

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    option 3:
    don't fuck up with your taxes. honestly, people always seem excited about tax returns. they're one of the things you don't want to happen. it means you overpaid your taxes. yes, you get it back but that basically means you're loaning the gov't your money. and you don't get interest on it. it's better to owe the gov't a little for a while because that's like a loan they gave you, with no interest attatched.
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    I'm getting $11 back from fed, and I owe $50 to state. I guess I"m doing it right?

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    Spend half, save half as an emergency fund.

    I have paid into the system 6 yrs now, stupid self employment lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fireye View Post
    I'm getting $11 back from fed, and I owe $50 to state. I guess I"m doing it right?
    Last year I owed $400 dollars because my Step-fathers accountant decided she was going to fuck up my withholdings.

    This year I'm looking forward to actually getting money back.

    Loka, save it for when you move, most everything you own now will be left behind until you are stationed, and it will take a while to even get it there. I suggest buy your TV once you're there <3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fireye View Post
    I'm getting $11 back from fed, and I owe $50 to state. I guess I"m doing it right?

    Have you received yours yet?

    OBAMA'S new "Spread the wealth" pencil sharpener.

    Every US taxpayer will be mailed one of these with the new 2009 IRS tax forms.

    Be watching for yours in your mail box - SOON !!!

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