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Thread: Maynard admin abuse

  1. Default Maynard admin abuse

    Admin's INGAME name: Maynard <ibis.a>
    You're INGAME name: 005

    Illegalelite and magoo went to a different server to 1v1 in which me and maynard followed and watched... someone else joined the server as they were doing 1v1 so i joined the opposite team to kill him. maynard started complaining and i told him hes not the admin of that server and to stop complaining about it after he told me i sucked and what not. then maynard told me something along the lines of "You aren't playing in wcs anymore". So when i got into Ibis wcs a little later maynard joined and first kicked me... then i got back in the game and said "admin abuse?" and then he kicked and banned me. This is complete bullshit and something needs to be done.

    he banned me at around 2:35 mountain time february 1

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    way 2 lie.
    might want 2 try reading the entire format for admin abuse, not just half of it.

    "From this day, all abuse reports must be formatted and contain the following information:

    Admin's INGAME name:
    You're INGAME name:

    How did he/she abuse (See TOS):

    Proof (Proof is NEEDED in order to report abuse, if the abuse contains admin commands and chat only a date and time is needed; however, a screen shot or console copy is helpful)":

    take your 5 minute ban like a man, and stop wasting every 1's time with threads that aren't even in proper format.

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    You can not ban someone who did not break any rules. Although it is difficult to tell what actually was going on without anyone else commenting or demos.

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    I'm confused as well.

    did this 1v1 take place in any of the IBIS servers?? (PUB, ZM, GG, WCS) or in a completely different CS:S server???
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    we were on IBIS WCS. 2 of the regulars started going on about whose better and started arguing. it was then decided that they will do a 1v1 on any empty server we could find. 005 asked if he can come I said no. he then proceeded 2 tell me he will just sit in spec and wants 2 watch. once we went there he joined the game and fucked it right up. I asked him several times 2 plz let them settle there difference so we don't need 2 hear about it on WCS anymore. the only reason this left the WCS server is because I can't obviously lock down the server and the pub had ppl on it. this guy purposly followed us, was told not 2 then purposly fucked up the entire point of what we were doing. I told him if he's not going 2 go into spec and just came here 2 fuck us over I will return the favour when we get back 2 WCS (which was right quick cause he's an idiot who ruined the entire thing)

    this was all planned on WCS IBIS. if someone is going 2 purposly follow us, also when instructed not 2, then purposly ruin it for us and us waste our time, then I will return the favour.... not like this senario ever happens....
    I was trying to have 2 ppl settle something, and due 2 him, it could not be done. he simply enjoyed the fact he was wasting our time, I repayed the favour with a 5 min ban.

    I see absolutley nothing wrong with what I did. it's not like I Was gaming on some random server, someone pissed me off then came 2 ibis and I took revenge lol... this is completley diff. this started in WCS, and he followed us and fucked it all up for no reason other then he's an idiot and clearly wanted 2 waste our time and piss us off. this was a WCS IBIS dispute that had 2 be solved on an empty server, so we tried. as I said, he followed, fucked it up.

    you can try and tell me that this is an infraction cause it didnt take place on the WCS server, but it only didn't cause it was not possible. this was All related 2 IBIS WCS. we tried 2 quickly move 2 where ever we could settle it, if he's going 2 follow us and fuck it all up when asked not 2, then I have no pitty for him or feel sorry in even the slightest way.
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    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    stop posting useless shit that has nothing to do with this.

    so you guys were on the WCS server and some regs wanted to settle a difference in who was better by having a 1v1 on another CS:S server that wasn't an IBIS server.

    this 500 person decided to follow you guys and ended up messing this 1v1 up on another server that wasn't an IBIS server.

    it may have started in the IBIS server but he didn't break any IBIS rules so therefore you shouldn't have kicked or banned him.

    look maynard you pay to be an admin on IBIS servers. on IBIS servers you have to uphold the IBIS rules as an admin. as an IBIS admin you have the power to punish those who break any IBIS rules.

    jacking up a 1v1 on a none IBIS server doesn't mean he broke any rules, yes he may be the biggest jackass ever who sucks a fat giant cock every morning just to get rid of his morning wood but that doesn't mean you can punish him for messing this 1v1 up.

    next time communicate this 1v1 or anything else that has to be moved over to another server over steam. that way you can ensure only the people that need to go will do and you won't have any extra baggage to take care of.

    any post off topic from this will be deleted since I'm reopening this and I wanna read what maynard has to post.
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    I actually WAS speccing them and watching them during the 1v1 and after about 10-15 rounds a random player named sploosh joined the terrorist side while they were doing a 1v1 so i joined the ct side to kill sploosh and THATS when maynard decided to say shit to me... so no i did not go to just fuck up the 1v1 and magoo didnt care that i went... it was only maynard that had a problem with it for whatever reason i don't know.

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    yes you basically got the gist of it. instead of having them argue forever, I just prevoked them 2 settle it via 1v1 that way it's over and done with, and no 1 has 2 ever hear about it again. then stupid number man decided 2 follow us, and fuck it all up. I see how you say it's not on IBIS so it doesn't matter, but I disagree. cause it was all planned on IBIS and was 2 further stop any bickering between the 2, and whose E-skills were bigger. and the guy clearly followed because all he wanted to do was 1v1 ppl, and didn't understand the concept no 1 is interested in him, or whatever skills he believes he has.

    but like I said earlyer, the odds of this happening again are beyond slim 2 nill, and the 5 min ban was served long ago. this thread might as well be closed. if you guys don't want me to do that agian, I wont.

    I believe what I did is just, and I know damn well you guys would have done the same, but as said I wont do it again in this fashion if you want.

    Quote Originally Posted by 005 View Post
    I actually WAS speccing them and watching them during the 1v1 and after about 10-15 rounds a random player named sploosh joined the terrorist side while they were doing a 1v1 so i joined the ct side to kill sploosh and THATS when maynard decided to say shit to me... so no i did not go to just fuck up the 1v1 and magoo didnt care that i went... it was only maynard that had a problem with it for whatever reason i don't know.
    no. you clearly did go there 2 just fuck it up. and don't claim it was 15 rounds before you did Lol. wow, you lie like a sidewalk lol. either show some proof 2 your bull shit claim or stop wasting my damn time. and you best read the WCS rules while you're on here. I wont accept "I didn't know the rules" from you.
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    OK maynard first of all don't try to say "wheres the proof" cause i could say the same shit to you because you can't prove what you are saying is true either... but why the hell would i lie about something when all i got is a 5 minute ban for it? and i said 10-15 rounds because if i remember right magoo was 8-2 and illegalelite was 2-8 when sploosh joined which adds up to 10 rounds right there... but i guess im making that shit up too or should we go ask magoo and elite?

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    hey zero/jig/whyt/mby/nys

    do we still have the scrim server? if so we should make it more public for instances like this...

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    Step 1: Get Admin
    Step 2:
    Step 3: Get Perma Banned
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    ... IBIS in the name right? ibis.a means admin while IBIS means Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.
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