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Thread: Pepsi STEAM_0:0:29178866

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    Name: Pepsi
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:29178866
    sb_status: 20: STEAM_0:0:29178866 ????? vSPPb97llRxJ1GF1wpng9Byy6JsUksmu

    Hacks: Walling

    Unless I'm just going crazy, its pretty obvious this guy walls. Knew exactly where everybody was coming and when.. Check out the demo and see. This was last night btw, but my internet wasn't cooperating so I couldn't post.

    There is also a possible aimbotter in there.. You'll see him somewhere in there.. I also switched back and forth between him at 11 minutes-ish mark and on..

    It wont let me upload it to ibis for some reason (Don't tell me how to, because I know. Its just not working on my end) but I got it on rapidshare. If somebody wouldn't mind downloading it and attaching it for me..
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    Fear is a Liar.

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    yah this guy is 1 reason i just Signed up on ur forums. He is so annoying.

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    Perma banned I have enough data now

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    Fear is a Liar.

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    Aww damn really? I liked playing with that guy too. Oh well, dirty hacker.

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    I was thinking the same thing Anex, but I think somebody else just as funny as him will show up eventually.
    Fear is a Liar.

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