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Thread: Oonyx - 1 day ban

  1. Default Oonyx - 1 day ban

    Regular to the zombie server.
    Caught him reconnecting to the server (when the round ends) becoming a zombie, then zteleing to the ramp leading to the door beating most of the cts there. An extremely cheap way to get a large amount of kills.
    The next map I caught him again leaving the server and spawning as a zombie. He was warned to stop and didn't.

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    I can testify to this.

    I thought Oonyx was more trustworthy than this.

    And like I told DrTran, a certain IBIS member had done this before. This behavior should NOT under ANY circumstances be condoned! EVER! It is INEXCUSABLE!!

    Fucking rank whores... I HATE 'EM!!!! .................................................. .......................

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    The first time at Helms deep, I disconnected before the round ended, and then reconnected about 30 seconds into the next round spawning as zombie. Before zteling to the pit on helms deep, I made sure that a substantial amount of humans could already pass. But you asked me not to do it again and I agreed not to, though I still had a contention with your argument.

    The second time on the elevator map I connected after being offline for about 10-15 minutes and it took me two or three tries due to being instantly kicked for "not having a reserved slot." Thus, it was actually the first time I was playing that round and I was never a human. So you're quite mistaken, and if you had speced me you would have seen that it was the first time me playing in that round. Besides, if I were a human in that round and reconnected to spawn as a zombie, that's not a rule infraction. So what's the basis for the ban exactly?

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    V. Glitching

    1) Taking advantage of the shortcomings of a map

    A) Using methods not intended by the map creator to gain an advantage where it is 99%+ impossible for zombies to get you

    3) Taking advantage of a mod

    A) When used to break the normal functionality of the game

    a) Such as wards or poison smoke being used on bombs and hostages

    I'm pretty sure the map author didn't intend for zombies to be able to get ahead of the humans in the lotr map. You're just doing whatever you could to remain a zombie to raise your score. And I was speccing; I saw you reconnect not just joining the game.

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    You banned me immediately after the alleged second infraction on the elevator map which you've not addressed - can you explain how what I did there, i.e. spawn as a zombie, can be construed as glitching in light of what I posted above? I'm asking because in your original post you stated "He was warned to stop and didn't."
    Last edited by Oonyx; 02-04-2010 at 11:54 PM.

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    XII. Spec/Retry

    1) No player shall enter spectate to avoid death.
    2) No player shall reconnect or leave the server and come back to avoid death.
    3) No player shall reconnect or leave the server and come back to play again in the same round.
    4) Above applies to all servers for all players, should not be confused with allowing zombies to teleport to avoid death.

    As I see it, your leaving then coming back the beginning of the round is your way of avoiding death. You're becoming a zombie without being knifed, thus pretty much guaranteeing you several kills with a perfect ratio.

    Stop worrying about your rank and become a zombie the natural way.

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    Your response is entirely irrelevant. I'm sure you read the second paragraph of my first post; I did not reconnect on the elevator map as I was offline the preceding several rounds.

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    Like I said. I was on spectator and I saw a disconnect and reconnect, your story doesn't match what I saw.

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    When the server is full and there are reserved slots left, the server will kick you immediately after connecting (even before the game shows up) for not having a reserved slot if you do not have one. To active players in the server, the console will still show that player as having connected (though it does not seem to show that the player was also kicked). I was successfully connected only on my second or third try. I hope that clears up the confusion.

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    I know about people being kicked for reserved slots, its happened to me in the past. I thought it shows a message about reserved slot in the console though when it does happen.

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