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Thread: Roy/unconnected STEAM_0:1:14912304

  1. Post Roy/unconnected STEAM_0:1:14912304

    Player name:roy / unconnected
    Other info: He was mic spamming with bad music and lots of yelling for long periods of time and would TK......not sure if this is bannable or not but i would sure like it to be..

    happened around 12:20pm PST on the GG server.

    Thanks, Darkfire

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    That unconnected named is some form of hacks, usually they get perm banned when admin see them.

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    ? i think i was there, i banned a guy for doing that. was it on the map, hang_em high? (whatever that halo map is called)

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    well when i left it was on a simpsons...

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