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Thread: im backkkkkkkk and fall out 3

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    Default im backkkkkkkk and fall out 3

    im back yes i am,.. hmm my lag isnt great im using my phone as a modem but HOLLA and ill play.

    and fall out threee.... send me gammeeeeer tags and shit for windows liveD



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    The's too much!!!

    x x!!
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    Fallout 3 all the fuckin way

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    wb and you missed sonic coming out of the closet. so, nothing.

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    within the ruins remins me of a somewhat harder bullet for my valentine

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    fallout three is ENDLESS MANNNN

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    you better be ready for fallout new vegas they just released a teaser too.

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    well now that thats over... flutter kicks go...

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    hahahaha fuck flutter kicks, haha its not over im just allowed to use my laptop during personal time here at ait, i teathered my phone

    any ways, my windows live ID tag for Fallout is Mikeyrevile add me

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ_MikeyRevile View Post
    fallout three is ENDLESS MANNNN
    ya man. hopefully your playing it on PC, cause you can mod the shit out of it and add so much more content and shit 2 the game. also with the 4 expansions you can also download it's just epic...

    like you said, endless lol.

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    bastard super mutant overlord murdered Charon!


    Currently I'm maintaining a neutral Karma.. and thats hard, because I really do have evil tendencies in this game... lol

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