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    Right now Im trying to teach myself how to program. I had this compiler for a few years and I had books for it too but I never really got far with it just some basics.

    But I realized I need have more direction in my life so Im trying to teach myself this during my free time instead of playing so many games.

    Has any one heard or use this, whats your thoughts on this and please no "Dont learn basic its useless learn C++ or java" I heard that before. link to there website for those that haven't heard of it.

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    Right now, Im learning Java, so I cant help you.
    Good luck on Basic, programing is quite difficult not because of the logic, but from learning all those commands, and using those commands in your logic

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    I learned a little C++ in high school, but i got lost pretty fast. we had to use C++ too program our robot for US FIRST - anime | manga | reviews

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    basic is easy as shit.

    serioiusly. out 3rd class in high school, the curriculem was having us actually print to the screen for the first time, we spent that class converting songs into frequencies and making the comps play them using beeps.

    i completely forget almost everything from qBasic (the one we used) but i could be a littl helpful if you give specific questions
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    I learned a little C++ in high school, but i got lost pretty fast. we had to use C++ too program our robot for US FIRST
    Yeah I'm with you I did a little bit in high school, but I got lost. too bad, I would love to learn it!
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    well there is Easy C its a program that strings pre-loaded code together for you just copy paste - anime | manga | reviews

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    if you wanna learn more on the lines of pranks jokes or malicious shit, leqarn ruby

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