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Thread: More friendly fire abuse

  1. Default More friendly fire abuse

    I posted this somewhere else thinking it was the correct place, but it seems this is:

    Hey guys, I'm new around these parts but I have enjoyed playing on your server pretty frequently over the past few weeks. I have had one individual today, though, who has made my playing experience very upsetting. He continually team damages me to about 5-20 life each round of play and has a few friends in on the trick, so no matter what team I'm on I am getting team damage. If you could look into this for me it would be appreciated.

    # 757 "zman" STEAM_0:0:22450381 08:15 59 0 active

    Also involved, and I did not get their Steam IDs, are Amy and Little Buddy.


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    The admins will be on the lookout for those culprits. Thanks for the heads up ! Next time try recording a demo and type sb_status.

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