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Thread: How lucky am I...

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    All I gota say is I got rank 1 again last night, hit nextmap, I type rank, reset LOL. I was reset like 7 days ago too, dunno why it keeps reseting me. lol Look at my screenshot I took on the psycho stat page. Rank 3442 minus Rank 3441 from last rank. LOL.

    What I am wondering is why does it reset, because it seems totally random, really annoying to try to get rank 1, and then get reset next map.
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    that sucks dude
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    Same thing keeps happening to me also zero reseted the gg server and now i was at 170 down to 3360 and thats the second time that has happened in 1 week!

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    and i just went up too 77

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    POR QUE WHY OH Merciful god whyyyyyyyyyyy JP

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    Yea the reseting is annoying, I get to ~400 (my record) and next round im at 3700...

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