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    Sorry, I don't have much info to give you on this guy, but I thought it was worth submitting anyway:

    Bear Grylls
    Steam ID: 0:1:29448480 (according to Loading...McCain_Payne **, who was also present)

    Came into the gungame server Thursday night/Friday morning around 1:10 am Eastern and promptly used a spray with child nudity (it had a picture of a nude woman standing with 2 underage girls, one of whom had not yet hit puberty). He proceeded to say "hey, come look at my child porn spray" and things of that nature.

    There were no admins online, and when we tried to votekick him, he left the game and came back under a different name. He came back 2 times, I think. I asked mag36 to bring in an admin, but mag was afk and by the time he returned, the guy was gone.

    I don't know how Source TV works, but is it possible to get this guy Steam banned?

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    Unfortunately Steam may not ban him for this, but we most certainly can.

    I'm surprised James wasn't on.

    He at least is always on at that time of night.

    Were you able to get a screenshot?

    (I'm guessing no since you didn't post it or PM it to Zero...)
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    well, shouldn't have posted it anyway. pm to zero if you got one definately.

    coincidentaly, i went to this person's community page and reported him via steam
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