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Thread: NETGEAR! is lame

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    netgear only gives you 3 months of tech support sence it was bought and registed on your computer all i wanted to do is figure out how to open my ports and i no you all are thinking here let me play you the worlds smallist violin my heart bleeds for you
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    What is the point of this thread?

    CISCO > *


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    just shareing how lame netgear is for the people like me who cant fix there problems on there own and hoping someone would tell me how to open ports!

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    trying too open up ports too download etc?

    There usually opened directly through your Router and/or your firewall options - anime | manga | reviews

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    i am trying to open these 7 ports to be able to use games for windows live

    if any one can give detailed instroctions that would be lovely! try and write the instroctions as if i was 10 i am not the best with internet options

  6. Default - anime | manga | reviews

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    THANK YOU! very much i have been trying to find something like that

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    Google is your friend - anime | manga | reviews

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    Your trying to do this on a router I am assuming? Also I do not really see how this is their problem as opening and closing ports is the most basic task you can do with a router. It would be like buying a car and then complaining that you do not know how to drive in the rain.

    Also is there anything your trying to gain from this thread like how to open the ports?

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    yeah i am trying to open those 7 ports so i can use games for windows but i just added them and used port cheacker and there still saying there not open or unreachable i just want to save my game in gears of war and bioshock 2

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