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Thread: Always an admin in the server

  1. Unhappy Always an admin in the server

    I just experienced the worst gaming of my life. There were about three TKers in the server and one Mic spammer. There were no Admins to be found. Not that it matters, but it totally destroyed my rank and basically ruined my night. I didn't get any steam IDs unfortunately, but I do remember "Action-Hank" was in on it. If you could possibly go back and check the TV and see who it was and ban those MFers I would appreciate it. Also I was wondering if we could some how make a sign up sheet so there is always an admin available in case this happens in the future. I love this server and I would hate to not be able to play here because of some bad apples!!!! Let me know what can be done....Thanks


  2. Unhappy Got One of the Steam IDs

    Here is a steam ID of one of the TKers.

    s/he kept changing his name, but here is the ID


    Please BAN this mo fo!!!

    Oh and Action-Hank too....



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    Look in the ban requests thread, foo. I already uploaded a demo and SS. Post there. My demo didn't really catch action hank doing anything, but he was being obnoxious after the map change.

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    Simple Solution:

    Add admins to your friends list. PM them when needed. We will always drop what we are doing in the server we are on and will come and assist you.

  5. Default Admins please be my friend!!

    Admins please be my friend!!

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    It was 5:10 am......
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    Server rules
    How to report admin abuse
    How to find hackers

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxMastagunzxX View Post
    It was 5:10 am......
    way to early even for the mighty Clone! perhaps phone numbers are in order


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    Definitely not playing at 5:10am
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    What server, gg and zm have automatic demos that I could dl as evidence.

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    Your best bet is to add admins to steam friends. We aren't on all the time since we do have real lives and plans that change day to day. There is an admin on at almost all hours of the day, just not logged into a server, or if they are logged into a server, they are only on one of four IBIS servers.

    If I'm on ZMod I've always been happy to hop over to help players on other servers. Likewise, if I'm doing something else and still logged into steam I'll generally log in to help as well. Most admins will be happy to help. 5:10am is late (or early) for most of us, I know that I got admin because I was playing at that time quite often and wanted to make sure the servers weren't abused in those wee hours of the night. Maybe you should get admin to insure that there will be an admin on when you're playing? Especially if you're on often at that time.
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