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Thread: Asshole crashing the zm server

  1. Default Asshole crashing the zm server

    I joined the game at 3:45 pm central time just to find someone has been crashing the server.
    It's not showing up in the console but I got a few screenshots (I'll upload later). Server is being spammed by the following:

    Server Crash [##] has joined the game ## being everything from 0 to 100.
    [Ownage by Bot-nus] has joined the game
    [Ownage by Bot-nus--] has joined the game
    [-Ownage by Bot-nus-] has joined the game
    [--Ownage by Bot-nus] has joined the game
    [Ownage by Bot-nus--] has joined the game

    Server has been crashed about every 3-5 mins.

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    about 4:10 I find someone claiming that a fake Alex|ibis.a is crashing the server. Unfortunately I was unable to check if he was the real Alex before the server crashed again.
    Server comes back up and I find a person with the name "Unban or Else" in the server list. He then threatens us (multiple admins on at that time) to unban him or he will continue crashing the server. Someone claims that the person was banned earlier today but no idea of who was banned or who was the admin who did it. He changed his name again to "UNban or crash" and threatens us some more. I already saw the console being spammed so I banned him.
    "UNban or crash" STEAM_0:1:29483407 01:39 51 0 active

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    Apparently the guy's real name was "Optimus Grime". Seems that he was banned for cade breaking earlier today by Holy Shot.

  4. Default Admin

    I heard the the admin which originally banned was "holy". I'm not too sure if that is his/her full name but thats what I was mad aware of. Hope this helps.


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    You mean THE HOLY SH*T?

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    well i remember Holy Poop banned someone. and then the next round i banned someone underground for cade breaking (don't know the name of that map) not sure which of us banned Grime.

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    If I recall, two people were banned on the resort map. Grime was cade breaking in the bunker below and another player for the same reason in a different location -- Kiwis are Cool, I think it was? Something along those lines. I don't recall which admin was the one to do the banning, to be honest.

    Hope this helps.

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