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Thread: What Do YOU do Away from CSS???

  1. Default What Do YOU do Away from CSS???

    Here's one of my favorite pastimes in life. My son (when he was alive) also used to accompany me on many of my trips and you can see him and others on my Facebook. Meanwhile, enjoy the video(s) from this posted link that I have taken.
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    ...away from css?

    well i read. and hang w/ friends, and camp sometimes
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    I play WoW (world of warcraft), hangout with friends, League of Legends (dota wc3 like game) and TF2/Killing Floor

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    I spend a lot of the time with my gf.
    The rest of my time is spent either at school or on my bike. Before I starting seeing my girl I spent a good 8 or 9 hours a day biking.

    Video of me and my friends if you're interested:
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    Workout... hang out... starting to play hockey with some females... searching for a temp job... TF2 & Empire

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    work, school, workout, my girlfriend, chill with friends, xbox live, css.

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    Spend time with the fiance - taking pictures of annoying seniors and well thats it.
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    read, paintball, family, friends.

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    School...hang out with friends...look for job....go to on cars...spend time with family
    I fucking love music
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    LOTS OF WORK but when I am not working I hang out at bars.....friends.....bars....atlantic city....bars....sleep.....bars.....CS lol

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