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Thread: Loaf of psycho.

  1. Default Loaf of psycho.

    Player name: LOAF OF PSYCHO
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:24829187
    sb_status: Forgot -_-.

    What hacks: None, just annoyance. This is less of a ban request and more of a keep a look out request. Hopefully, I'm not putting this thread where it doesn't belong. If so, I apologize.

    Other info: Repeatedly spammed his mic when everyone in the server asked him to stop playing music, attacked teammates and re-connected too often.

    I only have a short demo as an example but this went on for several rounds. I'm not quite sure it's a bannable offense, as pwnage just muted him, but I guess keep an eye out for him? My observation is that he threw a hissy fit upon being muted and started attacking teammates.

    Pwnage did his job well ;3.

    s leading on level 19 :: elite
    [smuT] ĶЯM∆ killed #PG-A [Sumi] リロード with elite.
    [smuT] ĶЯM∆ is leading on level 20 :: fiveseven
    [smuT] Governor killed Tra!nwrec|<{h&d} with famas.
    *DEAD* Tazo M. : hes afk
    *DEAD* Tazo M. : wow
    *DEAD* Chase : votekick
    *DEAD* Stolichnaya. : SHUT UP
    [smuT] Governor : you too
    Tra!nwrec|<{h&d} : kick this dude

    [smuT] Governor killed #PG-A [Sumi] リロード with galil.
    LOAF OF PSYCHO killed Tazo M. with scout.
    ReAdEaMeD (̶̳̅)̅ killed [smuT] Governor with ak47.
    (CT) Spaceman_Spliff attacked a teammate
    Chase killed <-^=-> delta with ump45.
    (CT) Spaceman_Spliff attacked a teammate
    Spaceman_Spliff killed Chase with sg550.
    Killer Stolichnaya. still has 88 hp left
    Stolichnaya. killed {sl4ysl3d} Scrubbleboo with aug.
    Player: {sl4ysl3d} Scrubbleboo - Damage Taken

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    well, reconnecting to avoid a mute is punishable.

    5 min to start
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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    I got on the round he was muted, I dont know about the other stuff but he did mic spam his music alot

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