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Thread: So I got them...

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    Some of you will remember the post from a long time ago labeled someday I will get them, well today I have them! The DT-990s the top German headphones. I got a great deal and will be ordering the amp for them tomorrow. Yea they need an amp to power them b/c they are 250ohm vs the 32ohm used in normal headphones. The quality is amazing and I have been burning them in. I installed a sound blaster x-fi that I had lying around just to use them. I am actually considering moding the x-fi to get better quality. I will post some pics when I get a chance.

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    NICE!!! good job which amp you choose finally???

    Show e the pics!!

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    hey zero, got 35 cents?

    (if yes) call some one who cares

    (if no) get your cell phone and call some one who cares

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    essentialy, im telling you to call me... at about 12 30 tonight... cuz i care...

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