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    What's up IBIS? This was my first time playing today in over a year on your server, was catching up on old times... when Zombie came on and banned me permanently. Not sure why, no announcement... just banned me. There a crime against being an old schooler? I guess he banned himself shortly after me.

    Name in Game: Decoy
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:12748506
    Who banned you: Zombie
    When: Just now 2:30AM 2/21/10
    Where: IBIS Pub
    Why banned: Not sure - Mass Ban

    Other/Reason to unban: Mass ban - Admin Abuse

    Zombie<ibis.a> connected
    [] No positive match found for Zombie<ibis.a> (STEAM_0:1:26905979).
    [] No positive match found for Zombie<ibis.a> (STEAM_0:1:26905979).
    Contract killed N@RZISS0 with usp.
    Weapon awp is restricted to 1 per team
    (ADMIN) Zombie<ibis.a>: banned player Contract
    Weapon awp is restricted to 0 per team
    Non@m3 connected
    (ADMIN) Zombie<ibis.a>: banned player Decoy
    You have been banned by admin permanently !!
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.
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