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Thread: Zombie is a bitch

  1. Default Zombie is a bitch

    What's up IBIS? This was my first time playing today in over a year on your server, was catching up on old times... when Zombie came on and banned me permanently. Not sure why, no announcement... just banned me. There a crime against being an old schooler? I guess he banned himself shortly after me.

    Name in Game: Decoy
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:12748506
    Who banned you: Zombie
    When: Just now 2:30AM 2/21/10
    Where: IBIS Pub
    Why banned: Not sure - Mass Ban

    Other/Reason to unban: Mass ban - Admin Abuse

    Zombie<ibis.a> connected
    [] No positive match found for Zombie<ibis.a> (STEAM_0:1:26905979).
    [] No positive match found for Zombie<ibis.a> (STEAM_0:1:26905979).
    Contract killed [email protected] with usp.
    Weapon awp is restricted to 1 per team
    (ADMIN) Zombie<ibis.a>: banned player Contract
    Weapon awp is restricted to 0 per team
    [email protected] connected
    (ADMIN) Zombie<ibis.a>: banned player Decoy
    You have been banned by admin permanently !!
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.

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    from my understanding you should not have been perma banned, what where you doing before the ban?

    edit: just noticed this admin was mass banning on a biblical scale.

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    Wtf? It shows no evidence that you guys were doing something bad. So let me get this straight Decoy. He comes in, decides to ban you and Contract perm for no apparent reason? If so that is complete fucked.

    Edit: Alright what the fuck is going on. I have read the past 2 admin abuse threads about Zombie and him banning people from the server, how old is he like 5 years old? Get his admin taken away, I dont want to go into the pub and get banned then make ZERO go through some work to unban me.

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    Washy, just give Zombie a little slack in the rope and let him hang himself.

    Zombie needs to explain.

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    Yes, I think I went a little overboard.

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    I wonder who else is going to go nuts with there banning privileges next.

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    Everyone unbanned and the admin is now banned from all servers

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    Magnificent Zombie

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    Case closed

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