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Thread: default user name Febuary 22 2010 3:50pm

  1. Default default user name Febuary 22 2010 3:50pm

    My name was the default name (I just formatted computer and re-installed CSS)

    My Steam id is STEAM_0:0:18216980

    I do not know who banned me as I was banned just as I finished sending the server my personal information, and connected.

    The ban occured on Febuary 22 2010 at around 3:50pm

    I was banned from the CSS zombie ecape server :

    Why was I banned? I do not know, as I was banned just I finished connecting to the server.

    I think it is plausible that since this is the first time I have tried playing here off of the college wifi, that I may have caused the server lag.....
    if so, please message me so that I do not do it in the future. I am an occasional visitor who goes under the name of pew pew or Pew Pew or Pew pew

    Other reason to unban: I believe that I have commited no wrong, and would like the oppourtonity to play on the IBIS servers once again.

  2. Default

    well, whoever banned you should have warned first. it's a server rule that you can't use "unamed" as a nickname. like i said, we normally give ample time to change it before you get kicked, and it's normally not a ban eithher.
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