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Thread: V Steam_0:0:11171679

  1. Default V Steam_0:0:11171679

    Player name: V
    SteamID: "V" STEAM_0:0:11171679
    Other info: He tks and whines when he does not get the awp. I am not the only player he has attacks because he does not get the awp.

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    Today hasnt been a very good day for V

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    We'll his wise remarks got him a 1 day banned today.

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    There needs to be a rule implemented about AWP whores like you.

    All you do at the beginning of the round is hit your bind key and awp the entire map. Let other people awp. thats why half of the people in the server don't like you and flash ytou and TK you.


    Zero I propose that we put an awp rule in effect.

    The person with the awp has 3 rounds to play with it afterwards, it forces a drop and the player can't use the awp for 5 rounds.

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    Well, V has been the only person to ever flash or tk me just for the awp. Also, I admit that he has done it to other players who do not get the awp as often. I do not have a demo for that but I know their names. Everyone has the awp on bind. It's F2 or B+D.

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    Start sharing and we won't ave to deal with people always bugging you

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    Hey this server banned awp before, and don't mean nothing to me, so lets just banned the awp.

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    Just saying because Ive been seeing a lot of fights starting to break out over the awp.

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    Fights breaking out between who? V and I? I do share the awp with people when they ask for it. Shooting me and flashing me isn't going to get you the awp.

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    I have never witnessed any fighting for awps ever in the server besides V crying about it all the time. V thought he was above the law tking zmo just because he has the awp all the time. I personally use the awp alot and I've played with zmo in the same team and he has hogged the awp. I didnt cry about it or tked him. I just waited until I had the chance to buy it.
    Its sad that this all started over awp availability.
    V, I think personally you're a sad individual causing all this mess in and out of the forums. I did like you at one point but now that has changed.

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