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Thread: I farted in your moms mouth perma ban

  1. Exclamation I farted in your moms mouth perma ban

    28: STEAM_0:0:817888 i farted in your moms mouth

    This person was originally banned by me under the name of v3n0m for using a really bad spray. I found the same spray up again and I recorded a really short demo of the spray and his name in console. I warned him multiple times and he still put the spray up. I was also told tht he had been banned before by other admins for not listening to them about the spray. I thought that I was going to see a change in his attitude, but I guess not. I guess this was the final straw. So I perma banned him.

    EDIT: After reviewing the demo, I noticed that the pictures do not show up. But trust me, there have been plenty of witnesses. I don't know why nothing was showing up.
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    u probably started the demo after he sprayed it which the spray wont show up. he needs to actually spray it as ur demoing so it will show.. next time a screen shot will also suffice.


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