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Thread: Pub has map changing issues.

  1. Default Pub has map changing issues.

    Today we rtv the map to what we thought was cs_militia_nolag

    right before we change, i usually type in nextmap and the next map said, De_dust.

    So i'm like, hmm. Ok de_dust and not militia.

    The map ended up being office.

    How in the hell do we go from militia-dust-office.


    I thought it was a map glitch so at the end of office we go to change, it was to aztec. Instead of aztec we get de_port.

    There's something not right here.
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    Thank god you brought this up. It's been bugging me forever, but I keep forgetting to post about it.

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    i've never noticed this before. though i have seen it where the map vote happens and after i type in nextmap to recieve "map decided by vote"
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    It is a glitch in the map vote reporting system. It may be fixed in one of the updates coming over the next week. If not I will look into it more and try a direct fix for it. Also as work on the new wcs steps up over the next few weeks other issues will take a bit of a back burner for a time. However I plan to create issue sticky threads for all of the servers like we have for the zm right now, to help track updates and requests for fixes.

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    i've noticed this happening also the text after the vote usually says "not enough people voted changing map to (......)" or something like that

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