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Thread: ZM sever is laggy......

  1. Default ZM sever is laggy......

    i restarted the sever two times now and yet it is still super laggy... and answer on why that is????

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    could be the map...

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    but its been on more then just one map now...

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    just an fyi the server is getting really laggy and fps has dropped drammactically. Also the maps timing in opening places and such in certain escape maps are not functioning properly.

    just thought you would like to know!

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    What do you mean by timing? Also it should like your just getting bad fps in some spots and equating this to server lag such as when your in a large open space...

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    like when you get to the cantina in death star run, the doors are supposed to close in like 30 seconds? they didnt 3 rounds in a row. I checked my ping and lag and whenever its bad for everyone on a map, i got it bad. other than that i run smoothly.

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    Ah that is becuase every map is written for a particular tick rate. Some for 33 tick some for 45 or 66 or even 100. As a result the timing will be off and it will always be slow if you not at the tick rate the map was made for. Also even if your tick is higher it will still be slower... I do not understand why but it is true. This is why you will see that the doors on the 100tick servers open so slow unless I run the 100tick map fix plugin in that speeds up the movement by 5% per tick.

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    The doors on Death Star Escape usually work fine...this is weird.
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    it was a spoof i agree. thanks for the info zero.

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