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Thread: Unbann,,

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    I have been permantly banned from the ibis wcs server for typing timeleft in consol 3 times, Im sorry i did not know typing it 3 times was spamming, I have spennt most of my time on this server since i found it and now that i cant play it anymore im a pissed

    Steam ID- Swifcfer

    im not sure who banned me it might of been an auto ban

    The ban happened around 4:30 thursday febuary 25

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    add me steam is travjac26

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    yeah, this guy deserves to be unbanned.

    i've played against him extensively. he really is a cool guy. i'm sure he didn't try to crash the server.
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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    If you want to be unbanned you have to post your steam ID not your steam name by going into a server and typing ''status'' and it should say STEAM_ with a whole bunch of numbers.

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    K, Tj but im gonna have to do it tomarow or later tonight.

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    Ive tried adding you tj, it says you do not exist did you spell it wrong?

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    Fail...I'm sure Zero will see this thread and unban you.
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    Server rules
    How to report admin abuse
    How to find hackers

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    I hope,, dont wanna all the hours to go to somthing i cant do anymore.. :|

    and what do you meen by fail?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swifcfer View Post
    I hope,, dont wanna all the hours to go to somthing i cant do anymore.. :|

    and what do you meen by fail?
    By fail he means you fail/failed.
    Yeah. I'm an admin. What of it?

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    How did i fail?

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