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    Can remove the friendly fire or remove the punishment during the warm up round? it seems to be giving some players an issue with slaying them on the first round

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    i hate how we can't trust players not to be jackasses
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    As most of you already know I warn the players NOT to slay or impede any others for the friendly fire grenade deaths during the new grenade part of warm up as it's totally meaningless rank wise.

    Many people have now gotten the picture but there are still WAY too many that slay their team mates which takes place during the ranking part of the game which is totally unfair. Quite honestly I was disappointed in seeing this grenade warmup with the penalties when it 1st launched as I saw this coming.

    So, like I said many of you know that if I am on and warning of the above I will restart the level over again until there are NO friendly fire slays/penalties to try and get it through some of the thicker skulls that it's not fair and to cease and desist.

    Doing away wih it would be better even tho we had some of it in the older mode of people shooting other teammates too late then getting slayed but that's their own fault and deserverd it whereas grenades aren't controlable....

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    but is it totally meaningless when they wait to slay you in the first actual round?
    not just slay you in the practice round?

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