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Thread: Whar ma purpl drank at dawg?

  1. Default Whar ma purpl drank at dawg?

    just to all the other admins, he is harrasing and spaming his mic with music and typing racist remarks, as soon as i came in he bolted, i gave him chance after chance but then when i told him to stop it he kept calling admins names so if you see that name he needs to be banned if you can catch him and btw i dont know how he does it but his steam ID is already on the ban list but he is still playing so i dont know

    his name is (WHAR MA PURPL DRANK AT DAWG?)

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    ok longest, you have a really bad habit of not following the format. remake this in the proper format pls. at least you got it in the right section.
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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