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Thread: [FOUND ISSUE] Flashing when shot/shooting

  1. Default [FOUND ISSUE] Flashing when shot/shooting

    Okay, with some testing with help from Gatorade and others (I have bad memory, so excuse me for not listing names) we've found what flashes me and others (Gatorade included).

    ANY ability that has a trigger-effect when shot or shooting someone flashes.

    i.e. Evasion for Night Elf
    Blinding for Beast

    Same goes for shooting.

    i.e. Bash for Human
    Siphon HP for Undead

    Also, Blackmage posted this as well but when typing if you're playing Dragonfly, you get flashed. Not sure why.

    Posting this in the hopes that Zero can take a closer look at it. I understand you're porting everything to source, but maybe this will make sure it gets taken care of when it does. ^^

    Also on a side note I now go by Russel's Teapot. Heads up.
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