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Thread: Project save daisy.

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    One of my old counter strike friends told me a really sad story about a kitty he found. I talked him into starting a blog about it. Please read it follow it and leave comments if any thing this cute little kitty needs our help. And post your views about it in this thread. I think its sad people would do thing like break an animal paw and let go like that.

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    thats ironic, i heard some stories of animal abuse at a bonfire last night. really sad stuff. anyway, good luck with that.

    "if the futures been drawn out theres no point in living." sksk
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    within the ruins remins me of a somewhat harder bullet for my valentine

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    There's a three-legged cat that hangs around my grandparents' and uncles' home downtown. He lives in the back shed.

    He is extreme terrified of humans or being in a house, but my uncle befriended him and feeds him daily, and I'm sort of friends with him.

    Anyway, good luck to Stanley with this cat!

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    I wish I could be friends with 3 legged cat, walter.

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    I shall donate 3 circular copper pennies. I now feel better about myself as a human being.

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