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Thread: KOS|Tophat 03/10 ~16:40

  1. Exclamation KOS|Tophat 03/10 ~16:40

    Name in Game: KOS|The Tophat
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:17792782
    Who banned you: Think it was BullShit.
    When: Today (10th March), around 16:40
    Where: At your WCS Server.
    Why banned: Think it was because I "warded" the objective.

    Other/Reason to unban:
    If I didn't care I wouldn't post. Its a good server and nice people playing.

    I didn't ward inside the hostage house. It was outside. I died at office inside the hostage room by wards and no one even warned him.
    I ward 1 time outside and gets banned, thats a little tough dont you think?
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    First you not banned anymore. it was only for 2 hour.

    Next i have warn you 1 time. I told you last night that you may not ward objective. then i told you to read the rules for wcs.

    Now i saw you ward the house in crack house and banned you
    Top 5 at Wcs Server

    Quote Originally Posted by acolyte_to_jippity
    yeah, zm is down. wtf? that's wcs's job

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    Im sorry, It just said I was banned, no time. Then sorry for taking your time, 2h is no big deal. Sorry. Should pay more attention when Im playing at nights. Real sorry.

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