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    Hey guys I think some of you know me already from in game.

    Anyways I like to be annoying every now and then and cause madness.
    I like zombie mod, World of Warcraft, and battlefield bad company 2.

    I do have a ps3 so if you want to add me pm me.
    I have modern warfare 2, which I dont really like and Bad company 2.
    A lot of non multiplayer games too

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    welcome to the forums.

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    Welcome to the forums.

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    Yes, hello.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walterbrunswick View Post
    Yes, hello.
    I'm assuming this is your way of giving him a big, warm, welcome hug?

    If so...

    Yes, hello.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumpkin View Post
    I'm assuming this is your way of giving him a big, warm, welcome hug?

    If so...

    Yes, hello.

    Not feeling too peppy now, feeling kinda sick, got schoolwork that I don't want to do, going on very little sleep, got work tonight, and anxious about asking that girl out, so excuse me.

    Hey! Welcome!!

    ... there -.-

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    MAG says """"""""""""WELCOME"""""""""""""

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    Welcome to the forums...

    Your missing you bio form... try resubmitting...

    And join us on our WCServer...

    Peace, love and empty bullets ~ChronicRogue

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    Hi, Hello, Welcome
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