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Thread: zm_islandescape and zm_boatescape

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    Can we get these two maps named with ze_ so that fast zombies have reduced speed? It's not that much of a problem on boatescape but it is for islandescape.

    Likewise, is there any way to fix boatescape so that the 2 little flying pods and the helicopter work?

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    what? did zero deneuter the fast zombie?

    what are you talking about? they have far too much knockback and too little health to be any sort of a threat.

    Also the pods can only take a maximum of one person at a time, the helicopter takes a max of 7. Let me guess it turns into clusterfuck city whenever you go on that map?
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    Zero set it so that any ze_ map has fast zombies at reduced speed; these two maps are improperly named.
    The helicopter and pods do not work for anyone; you'll glitch right through even if it is just one person.

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    my point still stands they've got to much kickback to be any sort of a threat.

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