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Thread: TomTom releases average highway speeds for each state. Check it out.

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    Default TomTom releases average highway speeds for each state. Check it out.

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    ill tell you SD is High

    VA is only middle beacuse of the non NOVA parts, if it was just NOVA I think we might be low

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    Ironic how the states with the slowest speeds are the ones with higher accident rates. Also ironic states with middle speeds drive like retards. Wisconsin drivers are morons. How is Massachusetts slowest? The three of four major interstate highways in Massachusetts are 65mph.

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    wasnt surprised that my state is one of the fastest. everyone here drives like retards on the highway.

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    well just highways in SD are 55-65 around where i live and the intestates are 65-75

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    It is only for users of their service and is thus not an accurate indication of anything. For example the same person could drive in all of those states but that has nothing to do with how people who live there drive. Also I can say from expired that there is no way that ga and ky drive a the same speed on average. It is literally night and day. If you drove in ga like people do in ky you would get run off the road and I can back that up with claims from people in ky saying how ever time they are in ga everyone cuts them off. I then ask how fast they are going and they say 55 on ga400 where everyone drives 70+ also ohio is the mother of all slow driving so how it got to that speed when even its fastest roads are 55 and I NEVER in 20 years have seen someone in that state drive over 55. They all just fucking block every lane at the same speed. GA on the other hand is considering a law that says that you must go faster than the other lanes if your on the left and the left will have a minimum speed of the speed limit.

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    my gf got pulled over for going too slow once.

    it was raining, and she was like, 5 mph below the posted 45 (due to the rain). a cop pulled her over because she was in the "fast lane" and going slowly. that's when she bit the cop's ears off and informed him in not too kind words that the posted speed limits are the legal ones in good conditions, and that the rain hardly made for good conditions. furthermore, she could not be ticketed for going to slow (literally, too cautiously) and pulled out a pen and paper and asked for the officer's badge number, name, police department (like towamencin township, montgomery county...) and his direct superior. the cop left her alone.
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    68 - 70 is fast? almost everyone in MA drives atleast 75 -80 on 490

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    I know Atlanta if you take the 285 bypasses if you not going the least 80 everyone will be passing you. Its either 5 mile hour traffic or 80+ traffic.

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    my gf got pulled over for going too slow once.



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